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    • Sambou Bamboo Salt
    • Master Hyo San (Korean)
    • Kim In Seok (Korean)
  • In ANT2U International Sdn. Bhd. , our core business in promoting natural health food. Our focus is to help people regain their health, but not compromising to any side-effects. This is our basic guideline, for guardian of our consumer’s health is our sacred task.

    At Present, besides our head-quarter in Muar Johor, ANT has built up Distribution Centres at Penang (Butterworth), Pahang (Triang), Melaka (Semabok), Selangor (Klang), Perak (Taiping), Johor (Muar) & Indonesia (Surabaya). 

    There are more than 100 Organic-shops and Herbal Drug Store acting agents for ANT health products.

    We have over 500 district agents throughout Malaysia. The company’s performance is moving towards RM 1 Millions per month’s goal.





  • After years of effort, we finally established our Brand, and have our place among big names in health-care market. Besides, through the assistants from Consultant and professionals, our company grow steady. We managed to gather more witnesses to strengthen consumer faith in the products we offer.

    We’ve also launched an exciting business model that better reward our district agents, and provide greater accessibility to our consumers.

    We believe in coming year, ANT will become the faster growing, most dynamic, and most successful Chain Management company.

Mission & Vision

Bring success & healthy to life

  • Mission To become a market leader in promoting ancient healthcare products that consumers have confidents in consuming them daily.


  • Vision Bring success & healthy to life via developing & promoting ancient medical formula & healthcare products with pollutant-free ingredients, that kinder to human as well as environment .


CEO's Message

Together we can make life better.

  • Mr. S’ng Sai Hong
    Founder & CEO
    PhD In Traditional &
    Complementary Medicine
    Camden University USA

  • Dear friends and fellows :

    The advancement of technology has made life convenience but hectic. The result is: We are facing more and more serious environmental pollution, especially in food and water supply. Moreover, driven by commercial gaining, added chemicals and heavy metals are easily found in foods we consume.

    It’s hard to get food without being polluted nowadays. In searching a better way to maintain healthy body, we have to retreat to the basic defense work: preventing body from virus invasion, discharging toxins from the body, and maintaining the pH balance of the body. “Acid poisoning is source of all diseases.” In sourcing ways to overcome body’s acid toxin, we have the honor to come into contact with the Korea-Sambo-Bamboo-Salt(KSBS) in 2003. It makes our effort in promoting the concept of “Real medicine is prevention” moving a big step forward.

    The alkaline in KSBS can better neutralize any acidic body caused by modern dieting style. KSBS contains 80 minerals and trace elements that complement the precious elements lack in today’s vegetables and fruits. KSBS reserves powerful anti-oxidant specifically against the modern diseases caused by free-radicals, including cancer. With the effect of KSBS, we establishing a healthy castle surrounded by the hazards of polluted food and environment.

    The happiness in life begins from good health. It’s a duty to keep a healthy life. It takes attention and efforts. Build up your body, then enriching your spirit and soul. Start from self, then to people closer, latter toward the whole world.

    In order to be more effectively promoting ANT’s health-care concept. ANT International S/B has come out a complete marketing system. Through our distributing centers throughout Malaysia, we believe that we can make people who know us rebuild their health, away from diseases. This is our promise.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Founder & CEO
    ANT2U.COM International Sdn. Bhd.

Awards & Certs


  • SAMBOU BAMBOO SALT : Korean Certification (1)

  • SAMBOU BAMBOO SALT: Korean Certification (2)

  • SAMBOU BAMBOO SALT : Korean Certification (3)

  • SAMBOU BAMBOO SALT ISO certification(1)

  • SAMBOU BAMBOO SALT ISO certification(2)

  • Certificate of Analysis(1)

  • Certificate of Analysis(2)

  • Korea HALAL Certificate (2023-2024)

  • Appointment Letter from MOKPO University to Mr.Kim In Suk - “Sea Salt Technical Expert”

  • Paten - “Manufacturing Equipments for Bamboo Salt”

  • Patent - “Manufacturing Methods for Raspberry Bamboo Salt”

  • Patent - “Manufacturing Methods and Equipments for Bamboo Salt”

  • Certificate of Analysis 1

  • Certificate of Analysis 2

  • FDA Report

  • Halal - Recognised Bodies